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Cover Your Hair - We are a Jewish website that caters to observant women. We sell all types of beautiful stylish and fun head covers like Hats, Caps, Bandannas, Headbands, Snoods, Tichels and more.. All of our hair coverings are designed to give you the utmost comfort, quality, and class in Observance of Ha Torah!
For Modesty - We are dedicated to providing women with fashionably modest clothing. As always, it is our goal to offer beautiful styles in tops, dresses, skirts, denim wear, 2-piece outfits and much more in fashions that fit your lifestyle.

Clothing Fashions & Accessories
Shoshi-Silk - Exclusive Hand Made Silk Sarves -
Shoshi Miliger is an Israeli artist that makes unique hand painted silk scarves and table runners. She paints on raw Silk, scarves and tablecloth (runners). Painting for Shoshi is an adventure and a mystery. Her guiding hand lets the dyes do the talking. She combines both traditional and moderns abstract techniques to reach an amazing combination of colors and textures. Both runners and scarves make a wonderful gift for one's self or for loved ones.
Diaspora Girl offers hand-made designer kippot for women. Original and affordable. Each is crocheted and adorned with ribbon or trim

Neshamas Snoods ! - Beautiful, colorful festive and formal tznius snoods, hats and scarves by Neshama Sophar.

Tzniut Fashion
Welcome... to Tzniut Fashion! We offer a beautiful variety of price-conscious quality snoods, hats and scarves that ladies enjoy wearing. All the items are made in Texas. 10% of all the proceeds goes to Eretz Israel as Tzedaka.
We at Tzniut Fashion are Shomer Shabbat! This means we guard against desecration of our beloved Shabbat, so please Do Not Place Orders on Shabbat or Yom Tov {Jewish Holy Days}!

Shatnez Update all about shatnez

Sheitels by Sarah

Daily / Weekly Studies

JewishPath, B'nai Noach Torah Institute and 7 commands offers dozens of tuition e - mail courses. Please visit BNTI's Tuition Courses page.
For Jewish Classmates: Gematria, Parsha, Tehillim, Medos, High Holidays and many more...
For Spiritualist Classmates: Bereishis, Torah, Blessings, Intro. Hebrew and many more...

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